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National Autistic Society

What does the National Autistic Society Do?

We're here to help the 700,000 autistic people in the UK and their families. Be it running specialist schools, campaigning for improved rights or training companies on being more autism-friendly, we are dedicated to transforming lives and changing attitudes.

We have 116 volunteer-led branches across the UK, covering almost three quarters of the country. We also have online branches for autistic people with a shared interest, identity or experience. Our hard-working volunteers run support, information and social activities for autistic adults, children and their families in their local area. They also organise and join in with fundraising and campaigning.

Calderdale Branch

The Calderdale Branch of the National Autistic Society (CNAS) offer support to people who live in the surrounding area. We support individuals who are on the autistic spectrum, individuals who are on the waiting list to receive a diagnosis and families and carers who support a person on the autistic spectrum. Learn more about the support we offer.

We provide a number of different monthly activities, an active Facebook group and a monthly newsletter plus we are involved with active fundraising throughout the year. The branch works alongside other local services to raise awareness and influence support. The branch is run by volunteers and all our activities are funded entirely by donations. Please check our website or email the branch if you would like to find out more or become involved with the branch. Please also check out our social media:



Age: For people of any age.

Aimed at: Adolescent , Adult , Adult sibling, Child , Child/adolescent sibling, Parent/carer of a child, Parent/carer of a young person, Parent/carer of an adult, Partner, Young person


Gender: All genders


Covers: Yorkshire and The Humber

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